What follows is a full discograhy of Dual releases, although some are now deleted or out of print there will be reissues available soon on digitally re-mastered CD with new artwork. All Dual releases are available from selected shops in the UK and also via many specialist mail order labels/distributors and over the internet. Anyone interested in purchasing any of the releases directly should email for the latest stock availability, a more comprehensive mail order service will be available very soon.
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Koobla, Berwick St London England
Sound 323, Archway Road London England
Rare and Racy, Devonshire Street Sheffield England
Neurotitan, Rosenthaler Str 39 10178 Berlin Germany
...or by mailorder from:
Dual c/o 13 Clarence Avenue, DN4 8AU England
Fear Drop, 3 Rue de Damville 27 240 Les Essarts France
Manifold Records, Box 820266 Memphis TN 38182 USA
Drone Records, Bohnenstrasse 14 28203 Bremen Germany
Fourth Dimension, PO Box 63 Herne Bay Kent England
Noisegate, PO Box 15149 London WC1X 0HJ England
Dual - Fall
CEE recordings

Fall is the second in a series of CD's to feature live / archive material by Dual. This release captures a live performance at the Drone Records festival held at The Podewil in Berlin, Germany in April 2000. It includes six tracks; aringe, 70dN, baanstan, cee, mbe and rogacoln with a total playing time of just under 36 minutes.

The release is presented on two 3" CDR's in a stunning long format clear case with hand assembled transparency prints of a still taken from the film Links (by regular Dual collaborator GR.) The film was originally projected as a backdrop at the show in Berlin. This release is a limited run of 100 individually numbered cd's on the CEE label and will therefore be available for a short period only.

Part composed and part improvised this performance includes scattered light rhythms meeting punched slabs of bass over and under a washed out blissful drone of chords. Percussive clicks form into motorised gyres to round off the first disc. Metallic scrapes and waves of clouded shrills begin disc two, leading into a fractured soundscape of tearing screams and mournful unquantised static waves. Gas like haze drifts in until a low pulse and a lifting hum of tension rise's with a distorted clatter to finish.

Available as always through the Coombe records distribution network and available from exclusive Coombe Records / Dual stockists.

Evolved As One - Various artists
A collection of emotional ambient drones

A compilation CD is the first release on the 'Evolved As One' label based in The Netherlands it features a new and exclusive Dual track entitled Phimos Phomis.

In total there are 9 tracks by 7 artists from the international 'drone' scene. All the tracks have been created using traditional instrumentation such as guitar, voice, harmonica and flute, as well as digital effects and electronic processing. The tracks represent a wide range of emotional states, ranging from the depression of suppressed fear to the yearning of pure melancholy.

1. moljebka pvlse - jiken
2. dual - phimos phomis
3. ure thrall - breathing
4. ultrasound - there is also red in the air
5. srmeixner - the third horizon
6. cats of tel aviv - orphan's amen . I
7. moljebka pvlse - daiji
8. ure thrall - bourbon gamelan
9. troum - ananke

The CD comes in a hand made cardboard cover
designed by Thomas Dohmen.

Ltd edition of 500 copies.

more info : www.evolvedasone.com

Adverse Effect magazine

Dual are featured in the new issue of Adverse Effect magazine.
Also featured are articles on Sonic Youth, C.O. Caspar, Pimmon, Cornucopia and Will Sergeant, amongst others and also includes a free cd with exclusive tracks by Dual, C.O. Caspar, Zenial, Stylus, Ektroverde, i:Wound, Weird As Fish (Will Sergeant), Band of Pain, Storm Bugs, srmeixner and Frieband.

Dual track featured is called d:fuse (aeslav mix)

This issue is available from good music shops via Cargo distribution and direct from the Dual mail order service.

Dual - Pace ep
CEE Recordings
The first in a series of CD ep's features the debut live Dual performance at The Carny in Manchester UK, 1997. This 3" CD with exclusive hand made artwork features three tracks; auxpin, chpst:k and pyrhhic with a total playing time of 21 mins.
Beautiful subtle textures intermingle with pulse bass, scratchy backwards clatter and atonal guitar drones. This release is a ltd. edition of 100 individually numbered cd's on the CEE label.

Available as always through the Coombe records distribution network and available from exclusive Coombe Records / Dual stockists.

2002 Pylons and Telegraph Poles - Various artists (CDr)
Dual track - Crain (Krny-m)
Evelyn Records
This compilation CD features an exclusive Dual remix of Crain (KRNY-M) taken from the Dual Caste CD album originally released on CEE recordings in 2000
Artists featured: iD, Culver, Dual, Arabella's Parade, Rob Galpin, Johann Wlight, Amberlight, Karina ESP, Nixxos Lexxos.

Each CD has an individual polaroid cover, with colour sleeve in jewel case.

Crain (Krny-m) (mp3)

2001 Keimar Sty (CD)
Pe-gglass/ Kallus/ Nucell/ Ceem/ Casein
Coombe Records

Keimar Sty features five brand new tracks and is the first release on Coombe Records.

As always all the sounds on this release are derived from the guitar and this second full CD release shows Dual exploring rhythms and percussion coaxed from the guitar while applying various treatments and manipulation. Although some traditional methods of playing the guitar have been employed on the recordings of this album the finished mixes show no real sign of a plucked guitar string. Drones and textures are interwoven with clicks, pops and buzz from the electronics with subtle bass rhythm to create a soundbed of drifting melancholic ambience.
This album features new collaborators George Richardson (Cassette41) and Alice Kemp (Germ Seed).

Ceem (mp3)
Casein (mp3)
Nucell (mp3)
2001 Fear Drop - Various artists
Dual track - 70dN
Fear Drop magazine

Dual were featured in Issue 8 of Fear Drop magazine. The magazine includes a four page interview with Dual as well as articles on Pan Sonic, Muslimgauze, Biosphere, Fennesz, Nurse With Wound and label features on Raster-Noton and Dorobo. There is also an accompanying compilation CD with an exclusive Dual track, 70dN. Other artists include Pan Sonic, Porter Ricks, Piccolo Saxo, The Infant Cycle, Darrin Verhagen, Rob(u)rang, Gert-Jan Prins, Frz, and Joachim Montessuis.

70dN (mp3)

2000 Eyedog [Cresce] (Free real audio download)
Eyedog (Cresce)/ Chpst:k (Krny-m)
Under The City / A-Eye
Made available in August 2000 at the Under The City website are two exclusive Dual remixes, Eyedog (Cresce) and Chpst:k (Krny-m). These acted merely as a sampler for the now shelved A-Eye digital distribution of the Dual Caste album and the Under the City music and arts festival that took place in Manchester in September 2000. Dual were one of many artists playing at the launch night show. The exclusive tracks are only available on real audio format and are available free from www.underthecity.co.uk

Eyedog (Cresce) (mp3)
Chpst:k (Krny-m) (mp3)
2000 Caste (CD)
Blicks/ Chpst:k/ Spydel/ Wirm/ Crain/ Isochemic
Released in May 2000 on CD on the new Dual label CEE, this full length album comprises six tracks over 48 minutes and is an accomplished release of pure unfettered energy bursting to the seams. Forever bringing the sounds clearer to the front and then demolishing into pure nothing. Crackling interference and bubbling rhythms compound from a foundation built of syncopated static and whispers leaving the spinning clicks and tones to gyre and tumble beneath.

Isochemic (mp3)
Chpst:k (mp3)
Crain (mp3)

1999 Klanik (7")
Klanik/ 4tH
Drone Records
Released in September 1999, these two tracks represent another side to the Dual sound. Heavy percussion holds together the concentrated layered textures of the a-side Klanik and movement from below slowly peeling away at the ebbs reveals the underbelly of thick dense murk to be not so urh, murky...side-b 4th is a different story altogether, with a scratchy/itchy feel and a threatened double-bass maybe? More percussion drifts in this time from the far east that slowly takes its shape around some perfectly controlled feedback drifting in from the west.

Klanik (mp3)

1997/1998 Four Years in 30 Seconds - Various artists (10"/CD)
Dual track - Drimon DRMN.
Dirter Promotions
This compilation took over 4 years to put together and marks the debut solo output of some artists. Each track is 30 seconds-ish long and stretches the ideas of each and every person involved. Dual contribute a radically remixed version of their debut vinyl release on Dirter Promotions; Drimon-DRMN. The 10" version with exclusive Babs Santini artwork was available as a limited edition, and is now available as a re-issued cd with extra tracks.
...featuring 25 artists including Contrastate, Faust, Band of Pain, Headbutt, Nurse With Wound, RLW, Splintered, Stefan Jaworzyn, Lee Renaldo...

Drimon DRMN (mp3)

1998 Drimon (7")
Drimon/ Coil
Dirter Promotions

Debut vinyl released in early 1998 saw Dual using percussive elements as a tool to hold together a bothered and vibrating tunnel of sound. Drimon has symphonic under/overtones that sneak in and around as Dual present a collage of aural spits, drones and streams of shifting spinning tones. Coil is a moody and regimented brooding piece that develops from a monotone bass creating a deliciously claustrophobic atmosphere into a mighty orchestral envelope of processed tumble.

Drimon (mp3)

1996 Drylite (Cassette)
Pyrrhic/ Hex.B/ Radial (balanced)/ Time (polar)/
Neopia/ Hyaline/ Eyedog (sular)
World Feedback

Dual's second release on the World Feedback label carries on where their debut release Influx left off. This album comprises of 50 minutes of spitting atonal mantras and mind moving journeys; 7 tracks that take the listener into new unexplored guitar territories.

Hex. B (mp3)
Hyaline (mp3)
Eyedog (sular) (mp3)

1995 Network Volume II - Various artists (CD)
Dual track - Myopia

This compilation brings together 55 artists performing tracks of no more than 90 seconds of sound/music. for Dual this was a real challenge as most of their pieces usually develop over long periods of time that allow the listener to glide with the new sounds that are slowly introduced.

...also features Vibration Whitefinger, 7Hz, Transient v Resident, Sea Monkeys, Simon H Fell, and In Between Noise...

Myopia (mp3)

1995 Influx (Cassette)
Further Closer/ Shooting Glass/ Rime/ Influx
World Feedback

First issued on cassette in 1995 on the World Feedback label, this release offers four tracks spread over 40 minutes, shifting soundscapes all guitar generated that allow minimal textures, treated drones and abstract sounds to develop natural rhythms and sequential enharmonic structures.

Rime (mp3)
Shooting Glass (mp3)

: info@dual.co.uk