november 2004  


A brand new exclusive Dual track titled Nufor PL is now available on a brand new compilation vinyl only release from the Appliance label based in Kobe, Japan.

Available on Ltd Edition 12" - 180grm vinyl this record features 12 artists including Pro-teen, The Company, Teramae, dj an0n, Freiband, Bolo, Joanna, Germseed, Maciek Szymczuk, Rudolf, Brown Sierra

more info available from:

nb. it is hoped that copies will be available direct through the Dual mail order service very soon after the initial quantity sold out.

july 2004  
Bark Psychosis - CODENAME:dustsucker

Colin Bradley of Dual has recently been working with Bark Psychosis and contributes to the new album CODENAME:dustsucker which is due for release on 26th July 2004 on Fire Records.

Tracklisting for the album is as follows:
1. From What Is Said To When It's Read
2. The Black Meat
3. Miss Abuse
4. 400 Winters
5. Dr. Innocuous / Ketamoid
6. Burning The City
8. Shapeshifting
9. Rose

This is the first new material to be released by Bark Psychosis in ten years, to find out more and what's been happening during the intervening years since the release of Hex then head over to
FAQ section of the Bark Psychosis website
and listen to audio downloads at

The album is available on CD, limited edition 6 panel digipak CD and limited edition 180g heavy 12" vinyl.

CODENAME:dustsucker will be available in all good record shops or you can place an order now at
Its hoped we will have copies to sell here also, more info when available.

The July 2004 issue of The Wire, on sale from 17th June, includes a David Stubbs' penned feature on the band and Codename:DustSucker.
Final preparation is taking place for the Placard Headphones festival to be held in London on 17th July 2004.

Dual will perform a special one off set with phonographer and sound & theatre artist .murmer.

14 hours of headphones-only performances from the cream of UK underground electronica and beyond. Last year over 500 people packed into the state51 factory space to experience a day of headphonics. Think of a festival in reverse. Forget about background chatter: for once, it's a chance for some focused listening. All performances are heard only through headphones, artists play 20 minute sets and the whole thing is streamed to listening rooms around the world.
To 'open a placard' - invite people to gather and listen to the event, it is not available as any radio stream. You are encouraged if outside London (and beyond) to create your own Placard and connect to the Global Placard. For any information on how to set-up a 'listening placard', contact PLACARD at

Lining up in the state51 warehouse space are 2004 Ars Electronica-winners Janek Schaefer and Leafcutter John, alongside Main, David Toop & Max Eastley, dDamage, Hot Chip, Holkham, Antenna Farm, Noun, John Chantler, Adem Ilhan/8 Hours, Paul Hood, Cylens, Discom, The Sound Of Squaljax & Farbulous, Jonathan Coleclough, sAnso-xtro, eg0 + e/n, Heller, Dallas Simpson vs Viv Corringham, Michael Rodgers vs Romuald Wadych, Nada, Nebogeo, Table, Claire Hope, 87 Central, CK Dexter Haven, Fisk Industries, Dual vs Murmer, A.M.P. Studio, Duncan Whitley, Smack Miranda, Karina ESP, Ed Bennett vs Cormac Heron, Yellow6, Rashamon, Same Actor, Pez Orchestra, Recon vs Thorsten Sideb0ard, Emanuela De Angelis, Cedric Pin.

Also on display will be video, photography and installation work by Steinbrüchel/Brusca, Semiconductor Films, Dual, Jayrope, Gr., iMax and others tbc.

The Festival is organised by a network of London-based promoters, labels and artists:
highpoint lowlife records, coombe records, idoia, murmer, [no.signal], slub, midRange, state51, the slow sound system.

Praise for last year's festival: 'massively straight-faced' The Guardian 'one of the highlights of a long hot summer' The Wire

placard: headphone concerts for headphone people
The London Headphones Festival is part of the 7th global placard conspiracy, a three-month, non-stop, self-organising festival of headphones listening taking place across the globe and streamed online.

For more info on the artists and the latest line up, plus photos of last years event go to

other info

when: 17 July 2004, 12pm-2am
where: state51 factory, 8-10 Rhoda St, E2
click here for a map
what: headphone performances, films and video, bar, food, merchandise
how: free entry
remember: bring your own headphones!
june 2004  
Incoming news of the Placard Headphones Festival

The London Headphones Festival returns... CEE Recordings and Coombe Records artist Dual will perform a set at this annual festival as well as co-promote the event in conjunction with many other London based promoters, labels and artists

placard: headphone concerts for headphone people
state51 extension #3
14 hours, 42 acts. listen. don't listen.
12pm-2am 17 July 2004, state51 factory

when: 17 July 2004, 12pm-2am
where: state51 factory, 8-10 Rhoda St, E2
what: headphone performances, films and video, bar, food, merchandise
how: free entry
remember: bring your own headphones!

february 2004  
:: an evening with Evelyn Records ::

Evelyn Records celebrates five years of atmospheric phonography, transcendental drones & life affirming noise with a special gathering of artists involved with the label featuring:

[premier UK noise artist with
intense slow-building sonic attack]

[zero gravity guitar drones suspended
in clicks, glitch & found rhythms]

[environmental sounds recorded
from across the planet in 2003/04]

[tone generator noise-drone experimentation
from one member of Project D.A.R.K.]

free to get in, cheap bar and merchandise

Saturday 28th February 2004
downstairs @ The Foundry
84-86 Grt. Eastern St.
map available here
Tube / BR: Old Street (exit 3)
Buses: 43 / 55 / 243
more info
+44 (0)207 7396900
january 2004  
at Monkey Chews

special guests:
TIXE ON (france)
FRED K.U. (Dorp)

plus residents:
Phil Summit

Sunday 4th January 2004
Free entry
@ Monkey Chews
2 Queens Crescent
Chalk Farm

more info: 07960873962

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