july 2006  
Dual - Tocsin

Tocsin is the long awaited new Dual album available now.

Having built up a substantial back catalogue of outstanding releases on various labels including Drone Records, CEE Recordings, Coombe Records, Dirter, Evelyn Records, Fourth Dimension plus many more, Dual now release a new full length album as part of the evergrowing series of CD releases on the Belgian label Mystery Sea.

Tocsin has been described like a journey in sound split into six parts that builds, floats, drifts and then declines when least expected, but brings together all the elements of beauty and darkness within a single feeling but without overstating. As ever Dual's subtle textured movement rises and develops within each part with measured transitions, imagine watching back a slow motion replay in slow motion, you might just notice the ever so slight changes...

Many years ago Staalplaat remarked how Dual instill ambience that is raw and unpolished, resembling more an empty factory building than a clean room in your house... further still if Tocsin was a dream, you'd probably feel sad & happy, immersed & suspended, cold & hot in the hours afterwards... needless to say Tocsin has depth that allows the subtle patterns of processed shimmering beauty to rise in only a way that Dual manage from just six coiled steel strings and a plank of wood.

listen to mp3 samples and more info at
email: info@dual.co.uk

Dual - Tocsin I [edit] - (mp3)
Dual - Tocsin V [edit] - (mp3)

may 2006  
Dual on MySpace 

Dual have recently signed up to MySpace. There's some exclusive remixes of tracks available on the site now and if it proves popular it will be rotated regularly...


Dual - Tocsin

Final preparations are being made for the new CD album by Dual - Tocsin. It will be available in July 2006 on Mystery Sea and features six brand new tracks recorded at The Bridge that were completed in 2005.

more info:

email: info@dual.co.uk

february 2006  

Troum - Ajin
12" picture disc mini LP

A1. Tatan (Featuring sound source by Dual)
A2. Aurddrach
B1. Chetanovo

Ajin is available now on Equation Records (US)
Limited to 500 copies on 12" picture disc mini LP with circular hand numbered insert with artwork by Eyelyft

"These drones are not passive: there is depth and volume which is all encompassing, moving steadily like an ancient liner through a graveyard of shipwrecks..."

TROUM means 'dream'. TROUM chose this Old Germanic term to be able to remember the old and to save the option of looking back even though a returning remains impossible. Troum have established themselves as one of the major forces in modern experimental drone and ethereal ambient music.

A small 45 second movie (in 3 formats) to promote this release is also available at: www.chronoglide.com/equation.html
Available now from Drone Records and Equation Records
More info at www.troum.com

december 2005  

Dual - Klanik / 4tH

Klanik / 4tH is now available again after a long period of unavailabilty. Originally released back in 2000 this classic 7" single by Dual has now been repressed in a special edition of white vinyl with special hand stamped / embossed sleeves and white text on white inlay on Drone Records. This record has been reissued due to continued interest.

Some of the things previously said about this release...

"Klanik maintains a familiar cycling guitar flow and repetition as well as introducing percussive guitars that play like 'drums' and bring another dimension to the already heavily treated sound. This moves around within a frame of still playing but also accompanying the machines with rigorous strength and depth that hints at more to come...4tH sends careering strands of glassish shards out of the frame forced into a network of missed backwards stutterring amongst rumbling and squealing rising feedback driven drones"
...Infel #9 magazine March 2000

"The texture and volume of Klanik remove this from simple derivative drones, likewise when infused with sparse melodious sounds creating an engaging slow morphing song. '4tH' embodies a sparser experimental guise with solid crumbling and fractured textures, deep feedback, sporadic clatter etc., all underpinned by elements of drawn out guitar drones. The level of volume and intensity of feedback again ensures that the track transcends any simplistic drone categorisation" ...Spectrum magazine July 2000

For availabilty and more info contact:

Dual: info@dual.co.uk
Drone Records: drone@dronerecords.com

november 2005
The Utopia Project

Dual perform the soundtrack to the radio drama The Utopia Project on The 2012 Show on Resonance FM in conjunction with BBC Raw Talent.

The Utopia Project by Rob Kinsman
"Right now, people are selling virtual treasure in online computer games for real-world money. This year, the industry is worth an estimated $900 million, all for goods that don’t exist. In the year 2012 the games are the biggest industry in the world. People in sweat-shops are forced to play the games in order to scrape together a pitiful living. And one man is about to find that it’s not easy to stay optimistic in a virtual world where danger and corruption lurk around every corner. But the games are a great place to meet people and fall in love, though even that may prove to be more trouble than in real life…"

Performed by George Dillon, Tam Dean Burn & Denise Evans
Music & sound composed by Julian Coope & Colin Bradley and performed by Dual
Produced by Alisdair McGregor
Directed by Tam Dean Burn & Tanushka Marah

The Utopia Project on The 2012 Show
Sunday 13th November
9.30pm till 10.30pm

Tune in to 104.4FM in London, UK & http://www.resonancefm.com

september 2005
Slowtion - The Bringer The Destroyer

Slowtion is a new project from regular Dual collaborator Julian Coope and features Colin Bradley of Dual on the new CD The Bringer The Destroyer.

This cd was recorded between April - May 2005 in Sheffield, UK. The line up for the recordings was Julian Coope, Colin Bradley, Neil Ward & Damien Fowkes performing twenty minutes of glitch, textures, noise & beauty on guitar, bass, lap-steel, circuit-bent drums & tapes.

The Bringer The Destroyer EP is available now in a ltd. edition of 50 copies on 3" CDr.

For availabilty of this and other releases plus further information about Slowtion go to the new official Slowtion website.

Slowtion: www.slowtion.co.uk
Email: info@slowtion.co.uk

Dual - Klanik / 4tH

The second 7" single by Dual - Klanik / 4tH is to made available again very soon on Drone Records

Originally released as part of a subscription series of vinyl only releases back in 2000, this release will be available as a limited edition white vinyl, with white printed inlays and individual embossed sleeves by Dual. This record has been unavailable for some time and is being reissued due to continued interest.

For availabilty and more info contact:

Dual: info@dual.co.uk
Drone Records: drone@dronerecords.com

july 2005
Charlotte Greig - Quite Silent

The guitar sounds of Dual turn up on the new Charlotte Greig album Quite Silent that is now available on CD from Harmonium Music.

Charlotte's music is a refreshing blend of traditional folk songs and original pieces fused with beauty and melancholy. Quite Silent is her fifth studio album and includes thirteen visually deep and hypnotic melodic songs of despair, abandonment and failure performed on harmonium, guitar and voice.

Available direct from Harmonium Music and now in most good record shops with distribution by Proper.

more info about Charlotte's music is available at www.charlottegreig.com

june 2005

Soundbeams 11 - Live Event

Colin Bradley along with Dual collaborator George Richardson and Hassni Malik will perform at the Soundbeams 11 event on June 30th. The performance will include a specially composed piece of music for three electric guitars.
Full details for the show are still to be confirmed but so far the line up includes the following artists:

Colin Bradley (Dual / Bark Psychosis)
Hassni Malik (Vitamin B12 / Theme)
George Richardson (Dual / cassette41)

Saturday 30th June 2005
Soundbeams 11

Soundbeams 11 will be held at an undisclosed special venue in Brighton, UK. Entry for this show is free and anyone interested in attending this event is recommended to reserve a place in advance, please contact info@dual.co.uk for more info.


Sébastien Roux & Colin Bradley play... Wallpaper Music

Wallpaper Music
is an sound installation devised by N-REC recording artist & IRCAM software designer Sébastien Roux that has exhibited at many galleries around Europe.

'The musical content is made of a set of sequences. These sequences are randomly combined together and infinitely repeated. Wallpaper music questions the musical temporality and refers to the concepts of generative music. Wallpaper Music has so far been exhibited in Paris, Lyon, Strasborg, Riberac and Bordeaux.'

Wallpaper Music arrives in Bristol, UK on 18th June 2005 and runs until 24th July 2005.

For each new installation, a musical piece is created and at a special preview event on Friday 17th June 2005 Colin Bradley will join Sébastien Roux to perform Wallpaper Music. The preview evening opens at 6pm and the performance starts at 8pm.

LOT Gallery
Penn Street / Broadweir

The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday 12noon - 6pm.

more info sebastien.roux@ircam.fr

april 2005

Bark Psychosis - 400 Winters
4 track EP (limited to 2000 copies)

Colin Bradley of Dual continues his work with Bark Psychosis on the forthcoming single - 400 Winters - on Fire Records. This cd release features three exclusive Dual remixes and comes beautifully packaged in a transparent slip case.

Track details are as follows:
1). 400 Winters (edit)
2). The Black Meat (Dual remix)
3). Burning The City (Dual remix)
4). INQB8TR (Dual remix)

400 Winters appears as a radio edit version while tracks 2 - 4 are deconstructed and reassembled versions of the tracks that appeared on the 2004 ///CODENAME:dustsucker album.

More info about the album and ordering details are available at the official Bark Psychosis website www.barkpsychosis.com
and Fire Records website www.firerecords.com where you can purchase it from their online shop.

march 2005
New Dual album in sight

Dual are currently completing mixing of a new album scheduled for release in late 2005 on Evelyn Records.
More news as and when available.

Evelyn Records info here: http://www.evelynrecords.cjb.net

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