november 2000

dual - klanik

Drone Records in Germany and Aquarius Records from San Francisco, a legendary record shop and now also active as a label, have plans to put out a double CD with tracks from selected Drone Records 7" EPs. This not only means a perfect opportunity for everyone to check out the label's discography & highlights so far, but the chance to hear the now deleted Dual Klanik 7" single as it will be one of the featured tracks and available for the first time on CD. This album should be available very soon.

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dual - reviews

Latest Dual reviews / press coverage added to the site, go here.


september 2000

CEE & cruel twists proudly present:
2nd Gen (novamute-ed electronics)
Dual (polyrhythmic percussive & textural guitar ambience)
Infinity (ultra minimal massed drones)
Bajina (disjointed wireless emissions)
...with musical interludes from the likes of: Coil, Autocreation, Deutsch Nepal, Biosphere, Disjecta, NWW, Vladislav Delay, Seefeel, Oval, NON, Aphex Twin, Ether, Cyclobe, Thomas Koner, Whitehouse, TAGC, Faust, Residents, Raison d'être, Maeror Tri, Einsturzende Neubauten, Arovane, Vidna Obmana, Pan Sonic, Body Lovers & many more
Saturday 16th September
Red Rose
129 Seven Sisters Road
London N7
020 7281 3051

under the city

- Launch Party -
Showcasing some of A-Eye Digital Distribution's more avant-garde signed artists;
Underground PA Live: Dual, Giddyfish, The Fremen. DJ's: Yves Altana, Dave Cooper, Chris Cogless, Aidi, Tom and Domain Decor & Retinal Circus Lightshow
Overground PA Live: Omission Sound (Aphonic Sounds) DJ's: Doctor.D , Pye, KTB, Kev and Kweku, Francis Woof.
Thursday 21st September
Doors: 9pm-late
Bar 5
St.Ann's Square
Manchester M1
...for further details please check the Under The City website
august 2000
dual - remixes
Now available at the Under The City website are two exclusive Dual remixes, Eyedog (Cresce) and Chpst:k (Krny-m).These act merely as a sampler for the forthcoming A-Eye digital distribution of the Dual Caste album and the Under the City music and arts festival that will take place in Manchester in September 2000. Dual will be one of many artists playing at the launch night show...more details soon.
july 2000
dual - mp3s
Now available are audio samples of selected Dual tracks, these mp3s are small files (on average 1000k edits) so are manageable and relatively quick to download for even slow connections. They are mainly located in the discography section of this site.
may 2000
dual - caste
Brand new, available on cd : comprised of 6 tracks over 48 minutes this is an accomplished release of pure unfettered energy bursting to the seams. Forever bringing the sounds clearer to the front and then demolishing into pure nothing. Crackling interference and bubbling rhythms compound from a foundation built of syncopated static and whispers leaving the spinning clicks and tones to gyre and tumble beneath.

Isochemic (mp3)
Chpst:k (mp3)
Crain (mp3)

march 2000
dual - klanik / 4tH

Brand new and available now on Drone Records as part of their 7" subscription series of vinyl only releases. black vinyl, white printed inlays, handmade white covers by Dual.

The first track Klanik maintains the familiar cycling guitar flow and repetition as well as introducing real percussive guitars that play like 'drums' and bring another dimension to the already heavily treated sound. This moves around within a frame of still playing but also accompanying the machines with rigorous strength and depth that hints at more to come...4tH on the other hand takes a leaf from the old school of thought of throwing everything and the kitchen sink in, see what happens, then subtract and manipulate until left with enough to work on as a 'canvas' thats not quite blank, but yet usable as an official starting point. Careering strands of glassish shards taken out of the frame and into a network of missed backwards stutterring.

Klanik (mp3)

coming soon

...coming soon, audio samples of Dual tracks

a special ltd internet only release

Chpst:k (Krny-M) a new version of the track that appears on the Dual album Caste and a special version of Eyedog (Cresce) taken from the now deleted Drylite album. Available soon through the A-Eye label.

dual - remixes

Currently being undertaken, involves various artistes remixing Dual from original guitar source material supplied, and leaving the remixer to come up with completely new pieces using these sounds alone. Artists so far contributing include; 01, Troum, Headshell, Lapis, Infinity, Band of Pain, Achene and iD...

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